MediClean’s Terminal Cleaning Procedures Checklist for ASC’s

There was a recent discussion post on, a request for resources in aiding better cleaning protocols for Environmental Services (EVS) in terminally cleaning OR’s. I noticed that MediClean can help provide some information to assist other ASC’s around the country in better cleaning procedures for their EVS Staff. Now I can’t give away all our secrets but I can provide some useful tips and a general guideline for building your own manual for training your staff. MediClean’s mission is to provide the best cleaning practices in our healthcare settings to eliminate Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) in our communities. This is something we all want to implement. To help your EVS staff understating the basics in terminal cleaning, they need to follow these steps daily.

  1. Gather all the garbage’s and place into the designated brute for transporting to the garbage area (replace liner).
  2. Gather all linen and transport to designated linen bags. Place all linen bags into designated linen cart/room (replace liner).
  3. Move all “movable” equipment into the center of the OR.
  4. Spot clean the walls for any splatter or soil marks (pay attention to sharps and garbage areas)
  5. Dust down all the walls and HVAC vents
  6. Dust all lighting
  7. Wipe down all hot spot areas, including: phones, counter tops, computers, light switches, and door handles (for additional info please refer to your infection control plan).
  8. Wipe down all cabinetry faces and handles
  9. Dust mop the floor area around the center of the room where equipment has been moved.
  10. Damp mop the floor area around the center of the room where equipment has been moved.
  11. Start moving each piece of equipment back to its original place. Wipe down all the equipment: lines, surfaces, arms, screens, face plates, etc. (refer to your clients equipment details for further info.)
  12. Operating table:disassemble, wipe down, put back together, replace linen and push table to side of the room so center of the room is clear of equipment.
  13. Dust mop floor in center of the room.
  14. Damp mop floor in center of the room.
  15. Move OR table back to center of the room.
  16. As you leave the OR, wipe down anything you touch on your way out.
These steps, including a list of the proper cleaning supplies and equipment that should be used in your facility, should provide a great base for helping your EVS staff with properly cleaning your OR’s. Now, if your would like a full detailed and tailored specific cleaning manual for both general and terminal cleaning your facility please feel free to contact us for additional resources that we can assist you with. MediClean can also provide on site training services, infection control plans and GTS reporting processes for each facility. Being a leader in infection control and an expert in medical cleaning we pride ourselves on providing all the possible resources to achieve an infection free environment. I hope this information will provide valuable information for you and your staff.