About Us

MediClean is a Healthcare facility (Medical, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Hospital, Acute Care, LTAC, Dental, etc.) cleaning service that specializes in Infection Control, OSHA Safety Standards, Quality Assurance, Decontamination, and Terminal Cleaning. Where traditional janitorial services lack the experience, training, education and knowledge in dealing with a healthcare environment, it is the only thing we deal with. MediClean serves the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington, and SW Washington area, as well as Eugene/Salem, Wasco County, and throughout Seattle.

A More Professional Appearance

A clean, safe medical or dental facility communicates more than cleanliness it conveys professionalism to patients and visitors, and can help create and protect your reputation in the industry.
People will associate the look and feel of the facility to the level of care they will receive, and the way the facility is organized and managed. Over time, this will affect your reputation as a care provider.

A Safer Workplace

The value to having a clean workplace is not merely that things appear clean – but that they are “technically” clean. Because safety is an ever-present concern, clients and visitors who enter a healthcare facility have a right to assume that the environment is not only clean, but also safe. MediClean provides detail-oriented cleaning services to ensure that your healthcare facility is as safe and sanitary as possible. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and attention to infection control and cross contamination issues.

People Serving People

As a service provider, MediClean™ aims to balance sound commercial cleaning practices with the needs, ideology and philosophy of each medical or dental facility. Our customized cleaning program will help provide your patients, staff and guests with a clean, comfortable and safe environment.
Our company tagline, “People Serving People”, encapsulates our vision as service professionals. A clean workplace is the foundation to a healthy environment and the basis for increased employee productivity and morale.