International Infection Prevention Week! Oct. 14-20th, 2012

We all can help play an important role in preventing infections in our healthcare environments as well as our own homes. Washing our hands frequently, covering our mouths when we cough and getting a flu vaccine are all things we can do to help protect ourselves and others around us. Being a member of the… Read more »

MediClean’s Terminal Cleaning Procedures Checklist for ASC’s

There was a recent discussion post on, a request for resources in aiding better cleaning protocols for Environmental Services (EVS) in terminally cleaning OR’s. I noticed that MediClean can help provide some information to assist other ASC’s around the country in better cleaning procedures for their EVS Staff. Now I can’t give away all… Read more »

A Better Solution For Your Flooring!

Winter can be extremely rough on floors. Rain, snow, slush and ice melt are certainties in the winter months, especially in the Pacific NW. Not to mention countless staff, patients and visitors track these unwanted dangers onto finished floors every winter day. If a facility doesn’t have the proper floor care program in place, the… Read more »

Positive Changes or Incompetence?

Infection Prevention has become a common term among healthcare these days. Due to the rise of Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs), particularly antibiotic resistant pathogens; prevention has become the forefront in healthcare, causing increased regulation and economic changes. The big question is whether all the changes to help prevent further infections are really necessary or are they… Read more »

What’s In Your Janitor Closet?

I was out on an estimate the other day and noticed a very scary sight–the janitor closet. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve come across an alarming janitor closet but, it did get me thinking I should write about it. When you look in your janitor closet what do you see? The most common… Read more »

Common Culprits in Cross Contamination

Patient safety and reducing HAI’s is the number one goal in healthcare for 2010. One misconstrued problem in healthcare has been the use and protection of wearing gloves. Just as we’re aware that hand-t0-surface transmission can account for a significant amount of cross contamination, so can gloves. In a study by Boyce JM in 1997,… Read more »

Are you Joint Commission Ready?

With less than a month left until 2010, MediClean wants to know if you are prepared for the New Year?With Health Care-Associated Infections (HAIs) being one of the leading causes of death and attributes to the financial burden of over $28 billion dollars a year in healthcare costs — safety protocols are undoubtedly on your… Read more »

Cheaper Isn’t Better…

We are all aware of our current economic times and watching our dollars is essential to our business.We are all having to make some cut backs, spend less, save more and do more on our own.In this economy so many of us are wanting the “best bang for our buck” but are forgetting that you… Read more »

2009 Fall Flu Season Is Approaching! what to do…

With our summer soon ending, our flu season is soon approaching. According to the CDC, this year’s flu season is looking to be a double hitter. On top of our seasonal influenza virus (common flu), the H1N1 or more commonly known as the Swine Flu, is still hanging around as well. Health officials are starting… Read more »

Marketing Your Practice Will Help Protect Your Reputation

I recently read a great article about how important internal marketing is for a practice; whether the practice is a medical practice, dental practice, physical therapist or chiropractor. Internal marketing is just as important to your marketing plan and your businesses reputation as your external marketing plan. The definition of marketing is everything involved in… Read more »