A Better Solution For Your Flooring!

Winter can be extremely rough on floors. Rain, snow, slush and ice melt are certainties in the winter months, especially in the Pacific NW. Not to mention countless staff, patients and visitors track these unwanted dangers onto finished floors every winter day. If a facility doesn’t have the proper floor care program in place, the floors are at a much higher risk for damages and loss of life span, causing more costly expenditures down the road.

The best preventative measures a facility can employ to keep its floors in good standing order throughout the winter months and all year round is a good floor finish, preferably an Ultra Durable Urethane Finish. This finish has a much longer life span then a standard acrylic floor finish. It is resistant to water, dirt and stains (such as oils and hospital chemicals) which reduces maintenance and simplifies cleaning.Ultra Durable Urethane Finish is 10 times the film thickness and much more abrasion resistance then acrylic finish, removing the need for burnishing, stripping or scrubbing. Most acrylic floor finishes need to be deep scrubbed or stripped and re-waxed about every 3-4 months depending on the traffic flow. An Ultra Durable Urethane floor finish can last up to 2-3 years before any reapplication is required. Saving a facility countless hours and money each year!

Proper application is crucial in assuring this floor finish will last its full potential. Like any construction or maintenance work, poor workmanship can make matters a hundred times worse. With the proper attention to detail and installation your facility floors can easily and effortlessly make it through the winter months and even years!

“We have been using an Ultra Durable Urethane Finish since March of 2007 and it’s an incredible product — since then we have applied roughly 200,000 sqft of the product* and continuing with all hard surface flooring per request from the top administration. We have now made it a standard process with all construction, new floor installations and it is to be added to all previous waxed flooring”
–Providence St Vincent’s Medical Center
Portland, OR