24-Hr Terminal Clean for ALL Procedure and Operating Rooms

According to the Oregon Patient Safety Commission:

“Terminal cleaning of each operating and procedure room will be completed daily when the scheduled procedures are completed for the day. Unused rooms should be cleaned once during each 24-hour period during the regularly scheduled work week because personnel entering unused rooms and moving equipment and supplies in and out of the room can increase the risk of environmental contamination. Mechanical friction and a facility approved EPA-registered agent will be used to clean the operating and procedure rooms. ”

For more information please visit the Oregon Patient Safety Commission link provided: Environmental Cleaning Policy & Procedures for ASC’s

Most of our clients are updating their protocols for their facilities. However, many ASC’s still are unaware of one of the State of Oregon’s newest regulation in place. MediClean strives to make sure we follow all agency regulations pertaining to Environmental Cleaning and Infection Control standards. We hope this link and information will be helpful to you.