Can your physical environment improve health care?

There was a recent article in the Health Facilities Management Magazine (HFMM) addressing ways the physical environment can help improve health care.  After reading the article, it got me thinking about all the ways our health care facilities could greatly benefit from truly understanding how their physical environment can help with patient safety. In 2015… Read more »

Infection Control in Long Term Healthcare Facilities

There was a great article in the Infection Control Today online issue pertaining to proper environmental cleaning and disinfecting in long term care facilities. National surveys confirm the continuing high prevalence of infections in residents of long-term care facilities (LTCFs). Infections have proven to be one of long-term care’s most troubling problems; a significant source… Read more »

A New Year Resolution

As I was trying to think of a good topic to write about I started thinking about the New Year and what a good New Year Resolution may be for our company as a whole. I personally was never any good at creating or sticking to a resolution. It’s like sticking to a diet or… Read more »

Evaluating the Right Auditing Program for Your Facility

With all the new requirements and improved gadgets/devices popping up to help improve Infection Control (IC) efforts, it can feel daunting. We all clearly understand the urgent need for better Infection Control, but especially for smaller ambulatory environments when is it too much? ASC’s operate like small businesses. They don’t have an entire staff dedicated… Read more »

2014 Changes to Environmental Cleaning Requirments

Welcome to 2014! As most of you begin to update your regulatory documents and revise any outdated regulations or recommended practices for your facility, I thought I would make you apprised to a few of the changes that have been made regarding environmental cleaning for hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. We all know that auditors… Read more »

The Importance of Environmental Hygiene in our Healthcare

There was a special report sent out in a recent issue of Infection Control Today (ICT). The report was on the topic of Environmental Cleaning and Monitoring For Infection Prevention. Which is a great topic to be addressing as it pertains directly to MediClean and you, our local health care facilities. Over the past few… Read more »

The Dangers of Pathogens on Soft Surfaces

Over the last few months I have noticed an increase topic in our healthcare community regarding soft surfaces and how we can properly disinfect them. Well there now is a product on the market claiming to help with this concern. Below is an article found on published just a few weeks ago. I highly… Read more »

How well do you know your surface disinfection?

  Boy has it been a busy start to the year. Not that I am complaining at all, but it is nice to finally be able to do some catching up on my reading from some of our industry magazines. I strive to do my best to stay on top of new and important information… Read more »

24-Hr Terminal Clean for ALL Procedure and Operating Rooms

According to the Oregon Patient Safety Commission: “Terminal cleaning of each operating and procedure room will be completed daily when the scheduled procedures are completed for the day. Unused rooms should be cleaned once during each 24-hour period during the regularly scheduled work week because personnel entering unused rooms and moving equipment and supplies in… Read more »

International Infection Prevention Week! Oct. 14-20th, 2012

We all can help play an important role in preventing infections in our healthcare environments as well as our own homes. Washing our hands frequently, covering our mouths when we cough and getting a flu vaccine are all things we can do to help protect ourselves and others around us. Being a member of the… Read more »